Merry Calculus

We created a holiday season postcard using parametric equations and threedimensional shapes. To create the effect of the smoke coming out of the chimney, we overlapped two parametric equations. The chimney and the tree trunk are the shape of a cylinder. The roof of the house was made using a triangular prism and the base is a rectangular prism. To make the tree, we stacked three cones above one another. The lights were made by overlapping a red and a yellow parametric curve. The snow man was made by stacking three spheres together. Finally, the snow flakes were spirographs.

We had a lot of fun creating this card using Mathematica. We listened to holiday music and ate candy canes while we discussed mathematical concepts simultaneously. It was rewarding to visually see our hard work turn into something we were proud of. We are looking forward to sending out these postcards to our friends and family to show them just how jolly math can get!

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