Parametric Equations, Integration, and Gothic Architecture

We investigated the shapes in gothic window architecture and created a mock-up of a gothic style window from the equations we found using Mathematica. Specifically, we used parametric equations to model the clover-shaped windows that are common motif often found … Continue reading “Parametric Equations, Integration, and Gothic Architecture”

Modeling Drug Impact Using Multiple Variables

Designing a 3D Representation of Drug Efficacy The purpose behind this project was to potentially create a simple graph that could be used by both consumers and physicians and would inform the consumer or physician on the medication’s effectiveness depending … Continue reading “Modeling Drug Impact Using Multiple Variables”

The Wave Equation in Polar Coordinates and 3D Modeling of Waves

For this project we took the wave equation, which is a partial derivative equation that includes variables of time, space and velocities of the waves. We then took the equation in cartesian coordinates (x,y,z) and converted it into polar coordinates … Continue reading “The Wave Equation in Polar Coordinates and 3D Modeling of Waves”

Houston, We Have A Multivariable Calculus Problem!

We decided to combine our interest in space with the knowledge we gained in our Multivariable Calculus class. In class we learned how to model various 3D shapes like bowls and spheres using Mathematica. We used this program to create … Continue reading “Houston, We Have A Multivariable Calculus Problem!”