Spring 2020 360

Climate Change 360 (spring 2020) , a linked cluster of courses focused on climate change was taught by Professors Victor Donnay (Math Modeling and Sustainability), Bob Dostal (Science, Technology and the Good Life) and  Carol Hager  (Global Politics of Climate Change). The 360 had a focus on comparing sustainability initiatives in Freiburg, Germany and in Philadelphia. We had field trips to Philadelphia and had planned a spring break trip to Freiburg.

The Philly Rail Park. (Photo  taken by Zoe Shinefield)
The Friends Center green roof. (Photo courtesy of Roofscapes, Inc)

Due to Covid, the in-person trip was replaced by webinar visits. The  students made a presentation on lessons learned from their virtual visit: one of climate change communication and one on transportation issues. 

Final Projects:  The semester culminated with students doing team projects exploring:

  1. Haverford Township: The options (ppt) for Solar panels on buildings in Haverford township: (video of their final presentation)
  2. Bryn Mawr College:  Sustainability Initiatives for Bryn Mawr College (video of presentation)
  3. Environmental Protest Language: The evolving use of Language in Environmental Protests (video).