Poster Art Gallery

Here(2018, 2021, 2022) are posters made by students in my Multivariable Calculus course (Math 201). The assignment is to take some topic in the world in which they are interested and some topic from the course and show how they are connected. This theme, of giving students agency to see how the topics in math connects to things they care about, is ongoing throughout the semester. We introduce this theme in the first class: students work in groups to identify problems facing the nation and the world about which they are concerned. A goal of the course is to see how the mathematics we learn connects to these issues.

As preparation for the poster project, students get practice in using their agency to find interesting examples that illustrate topics from the course. They find their own examples of contour maps, of vector fields, and of partial differential equations and post them to the class blog. They also write short paragraphs explaining why they choose those particular examples. We hope to post these examples from the fall 2023 course: stay tuned!