The History of the Contour Plot

My project looked into the history behind the contour plot. To illustrate what a contour plot is, I used Mathematica’s Contourplot and Contourplot3D functions. Prior to the first recorded use of contour lines in mathematics, many sailors had created their own contour lines … Continue reading “The History of the Contour Plot”

Welcome to Candyland

My poster, titled “Welcome to Candyland”, displays several parametric 3D plots of different types of candies and their corresponding Mathematica commands. The Frooties display cylindrical and disk inputs, the Whopper employs spherical, and the Dots utilize conical and disk commands. Additionally, I wanted … Continue reading “Welcome to Candyland”

Lagrange Multipliers in Economic Consumer Theory

Economics as a field has a lot of math built into it to apply theory to specific problems. I decided to focus specifically on consumer theory because it was an aspect of microeconomics that I feel has one of the most intuitive applications of … Continue reading “Lagrange Multipliers in Economic Consumer Theory”

The Spirograph: Past, Present, and Future

Our project is meant to do more research about spirographs and draw spirographs using Mathematica. We want to know the history of the spirograph. The Spirograph is a geometric drawing toy that produces mathematical curves known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. … Continue reading “The Spirograph: Past, Present, and Future”