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For our final project we wanted to explore the shapes of everyday objects. We decided on looking at ice cream sundaes, breaking it down into 4 components: a scoop of ice cream on a cone, a sprinkle, a wafer cookie, and a spiral of whipped cream. We used Mathematica to graph the equations of these shapes, creating 3 dimensional visualizations. Our ice cream cone was made up of a sphere and a parametric cone. The sprinkle was a parametric cylinder with two parametric semi-spheres on either end. The wafer cookie is a parametric plane in the shape of a circle. The whipped cream was a parametric spiral with an increasing thickness. Our project encapsulates some main concepts learned in out multivariable class lectures and labs. It incorporates the translation of everyday shapes into equations, parametric equations, and the use of the Mathematica program. We used a range of equation types that we learned throughout the semester from a simple sphere to a 3 dimensional spiral as a parametric equation.

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