We Bare Bears In Mathematica

In this project, we used Mathematica to recreate the three bears: Ice Bear, Grizzly, and Panda from We Bare Bears. Ice bear is a polar bear with white fur, Grizzly is a brown bear with brown fur and Panda is a panda with black and white fur. Panda’s ears, tail, limbs and the two spots surrounding his eyes are black. His torso is also divided into roughly 3 equal sections where the top and bottom sections are both black while the middle section is white.

The basic shapes of the bears are formed from many ellipsoids. There are two large intersecting spheroids that form the head and the torso. There is also another intersecting ellipsoid on the head for the placement of the mouth and nose. Four smaller and longer ellipsoids form the arms and legs while three spheres form the ears and the tail. This is duplicated two more times to create 3 bears. Some other details are spheres for eyes and ellipsoids for the nose.

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