Sustainability Service Learning Projects (Praxis)


College On-Campus Partners

Dining Services:

  • Trays in dining hall
  • Composting
  • Freight Farming

Facilities Department

  • Trash audits
  • Landfill or Incinerator
  • Energy savings in buildings from conservation mode
  • Pay back time for LED bulbs
  • On/Off switch for Chemistry hoods
  • Energy footprint for Science building renovation

Admissions Office

  • Paperless admissions system


Off Campus Partners

Community Partners

  • Energy efficiency at Retirement Center
  • Math education materials on recycling for School District
  • Storm water management via rain gardens
  • EQAT social action: social cost of carbon

Local Governments

  • Alternative energy system for township recreation center
  • Level of safety analysis for bike routes
  • Which city owned buildings would be best candidates for solar panels?


  • Comcast: Electric service vans – home garaging or central garage?

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