Mathematica Panda

The 3-dimentional shapes of functions are not only seen and used in math class, however, they are indeed the fundamental shapes of everything you see in this world, from livings in the nature to even a single object on your table. Thus, if we put several functions together, and find the correct spatial relationship among them, we can create some simplified version of these things and plot them up using Mathematica, a powerful tool for technical computation.

Inspired by various multivariable functions have encountered and plotted in the Multivariable Calculus course, Vera and Anna investigate the basic shape of one of the cutest and fabulous animal in the world—panda, and translate these shapes into its basic mathematics functions, and construct a simplified 3D panda model using Mathematica. In
the following poster, we invite you to join us and see the “birthing” process of a panda in the world of mathematics together.

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