Integrating my slice of cake

We worked on mathematical formulas to help you calculate the amount of sugar in your slice of cake. We apply the concept of Integration to estimate the volume of the cake slice then use that to find the amount of sugar you consume. Imagine cutting the slice of cake into tiny cubes, finding the volume of those tiny cubes and adding them up, you will get the volume of the original slice. Integration let you do this in one step, as long as you have all the measurements of the cake slice. This method involves carrying a ruler and a protractor by your side but hey, you get to show off to other people how they can use Math in real life! Plug all your measurements in our given formula and you will get the amount of sugar in your slice of cake in grams.

As much as we all love cakes, we need to keep an eye on our sugar intake because we might be consuming more than we should. On average an adult gets 17% of the total calorie intake from sugar (84 grams) while the recommended percentage is no more than 10% (50 grams).  Excessive sugar intake can lead to increased risk of heart and diabetes, as well as accelerate the aging process of our skin. So be mindful about the sugar content in your favorite desserts!

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