Hands-on Outreach Activities Using Fractal Geometry

Victor Donnay, Jane Long and Mary O’Keefe
FOCUS, December 2018 – January 2019

If you are interested in culturally situated design tools, Mary recommends the website https://csdt.rpi.edu/ 

More information about Victor’s Sierpinski triangle project is here. Large scale Sierpinski triangles have been built over a variety of materials:  an 8th order triangle out of paper  from the Fractal Foundation; students at Eudora High School, Kansas,  using 59,049 pennies ;  a level three triangle using candles ;  using 12,000 Doritos chips;  a crowd sourced Sierpinski Carpet from the  University of  Almeria, Spain .


 Images of the Sierpinski Pyramid construction from Stephen F. Austin University. 

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